…My neck pain is 100% gone! Thank you, thank you for your healing hands and knowledge!

- Robin G., 56

...Donna thanks for helping to heal my neck from soreness and limited motion. Now, my neck moves freely and painlessly. Bravo!

- Jocelyn W., 59

…I needed help for arthritis pain and autoimmune disorder. Donna was awesome!

Michelle K., 68

…Dr. Donna, I had an excellent visit with my ophthalmologist yesterday afternoon. My vision with my glasses is 20/20, no new prescription needed, no signs of macular or glaucoma, my implants look good and my eye muscles are working normally. She said “in the 4 months since I last saw you, you have made a marvelous recovery. Congratulations! If I wasn’t aware of your case history, I would have no indication of your myasthenia gravis from the eye exam!” Thank you again, Dr. D!

- Kathy T., 71

…I suffered with double, blurred vision & floaters and blind spots while reading (and other times as well). Now I see words & letters clearly, I no longer have trouble reading and I can see to drive at night. I had a rather large floater in my left eye – a block with tentacles on each corner. At first I thought it was completely gone-not completely-but enough so that I only see a very small remnant of it every now and then.

- Karen C., 72

…After a 14 hour traveling day, I have more energy than I expected… I don’t have pain… I can keep up with my grandchildren & great granddaughter!

- Eleanor U., 73

…The series of acupuncture treatments to resolve my blurred vision and squinting eyes (due to cataracts) far exceeded my expectations. It was totally noninvasive, painless and relaxing. I no longer squint and I sleep better.

- Barbara H., 77

...After my treatment, my eyes felt wide open… Before I could only see about a pen light amount of brightness… now it seems like a wide flashlight was turned on... A few days after my treatments, I flew to NY. My flight was full so I had to check my carry-on bag at the gate. I arrived in NY at night and my carry-on bag was lost... I started to become anxious because my eyeglasses were in my lost bag and I need them to read and see at night. Then, I noticed I could see fine. I didn’t need my glasses. The treatment worked!

- Purchase H., 84

…Dear Dr. Jackson, after the treatments, I went to the optometrist who tested my eyes. The pressure went down from 23 to 19!

- Simone O., 89

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