Meet Dr. Donna

Dr. Donna Hibbert Jackson, DAC, L.Ac. specializes in eliminating the root causes of vision loss, ongoing pain, and chronic disease by offering a unique approach which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine, conventional Western Medical knowledge of Ophthalmology, Functional Medicine, Nutrition and more.  She focuses on getting to the root cause of the condition instead of just treating symptoms.

Through her holistic and integrative process, Dr. Donna often achieves results where others have not, by understanding the connection of the root cause to chronic and current symptoms. By resolving the underlying reason (or reasons), you will experience systemic improvement in your overall health as well as your chief concerns. Resolving years of chronic high blood pressure, low core temperature, back pain, joint pain, insomnia and fatigue. 

Like you, she struggled for years…

Dr. Donna is dedicated to working at this level to achieve these results because she knows what it’s like to have symptoms that no one seems able to resolve.

After serving 20 years in the Army, first as a combat medic and later as a human resources officer, she began to experience dry and burning eyes followed by sudden tears. Gradually, she noticed blurred vision, sensitivity to bright lights and trouble seeing at night.

These issues got progressively worse during medical school and studying for her medical board exams - spending even more time reading, studying and on the computer.

Eventually, she did not feel safe driving at night to unfamiliar places. Stronger lenses with special coatings were not solving the problem. Dr. Donna wanted more answers from her doctors than, “This is just part of getting older”.

Later, Dr. Donna completed specialized training in vision repair acupuncture for degenerative eye disease. First, she tried it on herself for 2-weeks and noticed that she could see clearer at night. The glare and sensitivity to bright headlights was reduced. Dr. Donna was confident driving at night again! She treated friends and family with different vision problems and was impressed with their results too. 

Dr. Jackson’s scope of training is extensive. She has comprehensive and thorough knowledge of treating degenerative eye disease, pain, and overall health. Dr. Jackson offers her patients a broad range of services.

Read more about Dr. Donna's training and credentials here. 

What our patients are saying

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...Dear Dr. Jackson, after the treatments, I went to the optometrist who tested my eyes. The pressure went down 23 to 19!

Simone O., 89

…I needed help for arthritis pain and autoimmune disorder. Donna was awesome!

Michelle K., 68

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